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The enrollment guide of Belt and Road Unimpeded Trade Senior Seminar,2018

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The “Belt and Road” Talent Training Program

Unimpeded Trade Senior Seminar 2018

at Huaqiao University

Enrollment Guide


Program Introduction

Since the “Belt and Road” initiative was put forward, the construction of the “five connectivities” in fields of policy coordination, facilities connectivity, unimpeded trade, financial integration and people-to-people bond has made fruitful achievements.

The “Belt and Road” Talent Training Program is guided by the National Development & Reform Commission of China, hosted by the Chinese Language and Culture Education Foundation of China, sponsored by Tanoto Foundation, supported by Silk Road Think Tank Association, Center for China and Globalization. The purpose of the Program is to help people along the Belt and Road countries to better understand the “Belt and Road” Initiative and to enhance mutual understanding and “people-to-people bond”.

In September 2017, the Program was formally launched. Tsinghua University, Fudan University and Huaqiao University organized three “Belt and Road” seminars respectively on facilities connectivity, financial integration and unimpeded trade Unimpeded trade is an important content of promoting construction of “The Belt and Road”, and a field which have a brilliant future. Moreover, it is an overall affairs to promote the construction of the “five types of connectivity”.

Huaqiao University will offer the Second “Belt and Road” Talent Training Program Unimpeded Trade Senior Seminar from September 16-21, 2018 in Xiamen campus.

This program is mainly for the talents from ASEAN, South Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and other associated countries, especially for those from ASEAN countries. Through seminars and in-depth visiting to Fujian Free Trade Area and Maritime Silk Road Core Area. The trainees will fully understand the "The Belt and Road initiative", especially the new achievements, new policies and new initiatives of the Unimpeded Trade. This program will increase the level of trade between China and the “B & R” Joint construction countries, and promote investment liberalization and trade facilitation.

Participant Organizations

Guidance: National Development & Reform Commission of China

Host: Chinese Language and Culture Education Foundation of China

Sponsor: Tanoto Foundation

Organizer: Huaqiao University

Supporters: Silk Road Think Tank Association, Center for China and Globalization

Curriculum Introduction

The curriculum comprises two modules:

Lectures and Seminars:

· China's Opening Up and the “Belt and Road” Construction in the New Era

· The “Belt and Road” Initiative and FTA/FTZ

· Asia-Pacific Trade Economic and Trade Cooperation and Global Economic Governance

· Rules, Systems and Evolving Trends of International Trade and Investment:

· Global Value Chain, Labor Division Within Products Manufacturing and “Belt and Road” Investment

· Analysis on China-ASEAN Trade Development and Its Problems and Prospects

Study Visit:

Visit to Fujian Maritime Silk Road Core Area and Xiamen Free Trade Area.

The detailed schedule is shown in the attached table.

Expert Lecturers

We will invite leaders and experts from Ministry of Commerce of People's Republic of China, China International Economic Exchange Center, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, University of International Business and Economics, Xiamen University and Huaqiao University and so on. The Language is Chinese and will be translated in English with simultaneous interpretation.

Program Requirements

Government officials, business elite, experts, scholars, and talents in various fields from ASEAN, South Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and other "Belt and Road" co-construction of the countries , especially ASEAN countries.

The total number of trainees in the program is not more than 35, and each country no more than 6 trainees in principle.


Trainees are provided with accommodation, caterting, study training, and study tours during their studies.

Time and Place

Time: September 16-21, 2018 (Register on 16th and leave on 21st)

Place: Maritime Silk Road Institute (MSRI), Huaqiao University (Jimei District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China)

Application and Admission

1. Please send the application form to hqumsri@126.com or msri@arabasadi.com with following naming format: FULL NAME +COUNTRY before August 1, 2018.

2. The shortlisted applicants shall receive an email of admission by August 10, 2018.

3. After completion the program, trainees will receive certificates of completion issued from Huaqiao University and CLEF.

ContactMs.Chen  Tel86+592-6167650, E-Mail: hqumsri@126.com.

Enclosure:1. Schedule                 Schedule - The Belt and Road Unimpeded Trade Senior Seminar,2018.pdf

                        2.  Application Form              Application Form - Application Form of Belt and Road Unimpeded Trade Senior Seminar,2018.docx  

                                                                                                                                                  Huaqiao University

Chinese Language and Culture Education Foundation of China

June 2018

















1. 专题讲座。包括:新时代的中国对外开放与“一带一路”建设;“一带一路”与自由贸易区;亚太经贸合作与全球经济治理;国际贸易投资的规则、体系及其演变趋势;全球价值链、产品内分工制造与“一带一路”投资;中国-东盟贸易发展及其问题和前景分析。

2. 参观考察。前往福建海丝核心区、厦门自贸区参观考察。













1. 请申请者于201881日前,将《“一带一路”贸易畅通研修班报名表》发送至E-Mailhqumsri@126.com或 msri@arabasadi.com邮件题名为:申请者姓名+国别。

2. 华侨大学与中国华文教育基金会确定录取名单后,于2018810日前发送录取通知,并详告报到时间、地点、酒店等事宜。

3. 学员研修结束后将获得华侨大学和中国华文教育基金会颁发的结业证书。


附件:1.         日程安排-第二届“一带一路”贸易畅通人才培训研修班.pdf 

          2.            报名表-第二届“一带一路”贸易畅通高级研修班报名表,2018.docx  

华侨大学 中国华文教育基金会




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